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Kill No Limit is a poker e-book and video guide that is designed to turn new poker players into winners. Written by poker professional “SmackinYaUp,” Kill No Limit is a package that contains a 103 page e-book and 2.5 hours of video. Also included are a few simple odds charts, starting hand charts and a bankroll tracking application.

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The author of the book started from scratch like most poker players do and worked his way up the limits. Over the course of his poker career, SmackinYaUp has earned more money in single months than most people do in a year of working for the man. In Kill No Limit, he reveals exactly how you can do the same thing.

Kill No Limit Contents 

The meat and potatoes of Kill No Limit is in the e-book itself. The book is full of 103 pages of poker strategy information. It begins with the fundamentals of poker and then progresses from there to increasingly advanced topics. Here are a few examples of what’s included in the table of contents:

  • Preflop strategy and the importance of stack sizes
  • Board textures and continuation bets
  • Draws, pot odds, implied odds, reverse implied odds
  • Made hands: slowplaying vs. fast-playing
  • Building pots with made hands
  • Crushing your opponents based on playing style
  • Aggression and changing gears when playing heads-up
  • Semi-bluffing secrets
  • How to read hands – the four step formula
  • Exploiting your opponents’ mistakes 

There are many more subjects covered in the book, but these should give you a fairly good idea of what to expect. Some of the topics are extremely basic, while others explore ideas most poker players never even consider.

In addition to the e-book, the Kill No Limit kit also includes videos taken from real winning cash game players. The videos record the screen, voice and cards of several successful players as they play no-limit games at stakes that range from 100NL to 600NL online. During the videos, you’ll get to listen to the player as he explains his reasoning behind each play he makes.

Kill No Limit also comes with a couple of basic odds charts and starting hand charts. These charts will come in handy if you’re new to poker, but experienced players won’t need them. Most of the value in this package comes from the e-book and videos.  Finally, SmackinYaUp has included a copy of PokerStove and a quick-start guide that explains how to use it. If you’re not familiar with PokerStove, this is a free application that many players rely on to determine the odds winning with certain hands in various situations. Kill No Limit does not advertise this as a part of the deal because it’s a free program on its own, but you will definitely find it handy.

Kill No Limit – Is It Worth It?

Kill No Limit will easily pay for itself several times over if you put to use what the book teaches. The price tag is a little hefty at $77, but if you think about it, that’s about the cost of a decent pot at a small stakes no limit game. If this book saves you from losing one big pot, it will have paid for itself.  The advice presented in the book is detailed and applicable to today’s online poker games. It wasn’t written by a guy who won a bunch of money in Vegas in the 70s; it was written by a young college student who made his way up from scratch to become one of the internet’s most dangerous poker players. As a result, you’ll find that what you read is simple, straightforward and easily put into action at the tables.

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Play Where US Players are Welcome!

BetOnline Accepts players from the USA, and has soft games compared to Pokerstars and Full Tilt.

>>Play at BetOnline Now (US Players Accepted)!<<

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