Tips for Online Poker

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Online Poker Tips

Online poker is awesome, and there is still lot’s of money that can be grinded out in the Cash Games, Sngs and Tournaments. In this article, I’m going to provide beginners and recreational players with some useful tips that you’ll need in order to excel as an online poker star.


The holy grail of gambling – maths – provides a reverent component of a winning poker player. The decisions you make in any poker whether it’s tournaments or games, should always be based on mathematical principles such as expected value, implied odds, tournament equity or ICM models for example.  Even sound bankroll management is arguably part of the maths of poker, so you should always remeber when you’re playing poker that it’s a mathematical game.  The winner is the guy who makes the most profitable decisions in the long-run, not the guy that plays the most agressively or whatever.

I also want to note that  maths plays a much more focused and significant role in pot limit games. For No Limit and Heads Up games, maths is much less important.


Mentality, emotion and discipline go hand in hand in poker.  There’s no use in your special skills, reading and assessment of the game if you’re not disciplined enough to stick to your strategy.  A successful online poker player will know when he’s on tilt, or when to quit and leave the table.  In large field tournaments, dicipline and mentality and patience is even more important, as you spend endless hours grinding your way to the final table.  Live events such as the WSOP can last for weeks too and although that’s nothing really to do with online poker it still shows how exhaustive poker can be.

Rapid Decision Making Skills

Good online players should be able to respond quickly and read opponent’s moves.  The better or sharper you get at the tables in reading opponents or reading into someone’s raise, the better player you’ll become.  Also players who can multi-task and handle multi-tabling on 4 games at once will also be able to make way more money than most recreational players.  Phil Ivey, who spins off millions of dollars per year in poker, normally 8-tables PLO $200/$400 at Full Tilt Poker.

Ability to Handle Variance

Emotional self-control is essential for online poker players. Even millionnaire grinders like Tom Dwan have big bankroll fluctuations, and downswings of up to 40% of their total bankroll. It’s inevitable that you’ll get suckouts when you play poker.  However, those who cope with this and limit the number of times they dash their keyboard into their monitors, are the guys who will reign supreme in online poker.

Hand Reading Skills

Players who can hand-read best in online poker are the one’s who will make the most money.  This is especially true for the later stages of poekr tournaments, where your read of an opponent’s 3betting range will help you make much better decisions.  You should always study how your opponent plays each streak – asky yourself questions like what’s his 3betting range?  Does his tighten up post-flop after pre-flop agression?  How many showdowns does he win? 

Questions like these help you break down your opponent’s moves, and enable you to play more profitably with greater profits in online poker the long-run.

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