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Lesson 2: The Endgame and the Bubble

Getting yourself ready for the final stages of the tournament is very important to making money in MTTs.  Most of the money in prizepools is distributed to the last 10% of players; which makes this last stage of the tournament the most important part to practise.

To turn you into a successful endgame MTT player, this lesson involves playing small SNG tournaments at Titan Poker (non-US) or PokerStars (for US players).  The reason we will be playing Sngs is because they give you alot of necessary experience playing short-handed and heads-up play – and they give you wonderful experience getting used to bubble play.  In addition, playing Sngs also allows you to play far more games, since you arn’t dependant on the MTT schedules.

Play Sngs to Improve Your MTT Endgame

Titan Poker and PokerStars provide the best Sngs to practice your endgame strategy.  Titan Poker is the best choice for non-US players, and they run a number of 10-man sngs at a variety of stakes. Sngs are great because they get you the short-handed experience necessary for playing your way through the bubble and to the final table. 

If you’re unable to play at Titan because you’re from the US, PokerStars similarly offer excellent Sngs for you to practice your MTT end game.  Titan is still our recommended choice for non-US players however.

Play Sngs at Titan + $500 Bonus 

Use code Mosesbet1 when you sign up and you’ll also get a free $500 bonus and poker calculator tool. US Players not Allowed.  You can make more money here too because the players are notoriously weak.


Play Sngs at PokerStars + $600 Bonus

PokerStars is the largest online poker site, and they do provide a regularly schedule of short-handed Sng games.  The only difference playing here instead of Titan is that the competition is slightly harder.   !


How Long Do I Keep Playing For?

Depending on your bankroll, I suggest playing Sngs with a buy-in of less than 1/40 your bankroll.  For example if you’re bankroll is $50, play $1-$2 Sngs.  With a $200 bankroll you should play $2-$5 Sngs.

Keep playing at your chosen poker room until you’re starting to make profit in these games.   Remember in a 10-man Sng with 3 paid places (1st – 50%, 2nd – 30%, 3rd – 20%), you need to be getting in the top spots at least 33% of the time to break even.  Once you’ve acheived this stage, you’ll be ready for bigger multi-table tournaments where you’ll have a crucial advantage over your opponents at the bubble stage/final stages.

Tools for Playing Sngs

If you’re deadly serious about winning Sngs and improving your end game, I recommend using SNGWizard.  This specialist sng software allows you to track/analyze your play, your ICM, and locate any flaws in your game.  In the long term this will give you a higher ROI by maximising your EV from tournaments.

Go to Lesson 3 – Which Tournaments to Play. 

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