Full Tilt Poker Cashout Tournaments

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What Are Cashout Tournaments?

Cashout tournaments are a new tournament format at Full Tilt Poker which allow you to cashout all or a portion of your chips during the tournament for immediate cash.

In the specially marked “cashout tournaments”, the total prizepool is split into two separate pools (similar to a knockout tournament).  Half the buy-in goes to the main prizepool where users earn money for their finish as usual, and the other half goes to the ‘cashout’ prizepool.

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Cashout Tournaments Highlighted in the Full Tilt Poker Lobby

Cashing Out

When cashing out mid-way through a tournament, the value of your chips is based in relation to the starting stack to the initial contribution to the cashout prizepool.  For example: If you start with 2500 chips and $10 of your entry goes to the ‘cashout’ pool, then 2500 chips are worth $10.

Players in Cashout Tournaments can choose to cash out all of their stack at the same time, or at increments of 10% of the original stack.  In the example above, a player with  10,000 chips could cash out everything for $40, 2500 chips for $10, or 250 chips for $1.

It’s overall a simple yet great feature from Full Tilt Poker, which means you can stop playing in tournaments at any stage without losing your money!

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