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When deciding the best Sit N Go sites, we took a number of variables into account including the Sit n Go competition, Sit n Go game variety and the overall software and promotions available at the poker rooms.

Easiest Sit n Go Competition

As far as making money in sit n goes and your Sit n Go ROI (return on investment); you’ll make much more against weaker competition.  This is why we’ve rated competition as an important factor in our Sit n Go review.

The easiest competition for Sit n Goes – and this is true for most poker games – is the lesser known poker rooms.  We strongly recommend depositing and trying out rooms such as Lucky Ace Poker which has a great deposit bonus of 100% to $400, with 25% given upfront instantly.  Because players are weak here, the Sit n Goes are more profitable, especially at the lower levels i.e. Sit n Go buyin under $20.

Sit N Go Competition at Party Poker and Full Tilt poker is also pretty casual under the $30 Sit n Go buy-in range.  Above this and you start facing up with far more experienced learned players.  However below this mark you’ll find plenty of weak Sit N Go strategy players who call the flop up to 50% of the time.

Titan poker is known as the best Sit n Go poker site, however because of this the competition tends to be stronger on average than the aforementioned rooms.  Players here will play at a higher Sit n go strategy level.  This makes it harder to earn an investment in Sit n Goes.  Remember however although the competition may be stronger, Titan poker by far has the best Sit n Go games and tournaments – with a great selection of Sit n Go buy-ins and prizepools for various Sit n go strategy players.  This means you’ll have to find a balance between game quality and competition that’s right for you.

Sit N Go Structure

The structure and layout of games is also very important when deciding the best Sit n Go site.  Better more experienced Sit n go strategy players will be better off in games where the blinds increase slower.  This combined with a greater starting stack relative to the blinds allows better Sit n go strategy players to shine through and rely less on luck to accumulate chips. 

Bigger starting stacks in Sit n goes are also an advantage because they reduce the risk associated with such games.  Full Tilt Poker is generally regarded as the best poker site for good sit n go strategy players because the blinds rise slower than usual.  Unlike Titan poker where the sit n go blinds double up at every stage, in Full Tilt Poker Sit n Goes the blinds raise minuscule.

Best Sit N Go Prizes/Payouts

After reviewing the poker rooms, we’ve find Titan Poker, Party Poker and Full Tilt to have the most profitable Sit n Go games.  Titan has the best multi-table SNGs because of their sheer range and the numbers involved in these tournaments.  The guaranteed prize Sit N go tournaments here are also very good.

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